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Our goal at Preferred Document Services’ Las Vegas office is to provide the finest, most accurate document service available for the most reasonable price. We specialize in pro se (for yourself) document preparation services. If you are dealing with a routine, uncontested matter, Preferred Document Services can prepare and file the required documents based upon information you provide in simple worksheets. Preferred Document Services saves you money. We focus on simple documents and uncontested proceedings, and we usually can provide these services a reasonable cost. According to USA Today, Americans could save $3.3 billion a year by using independent document preparers to handle routine matters in common areas. Preferred Document Services saves you time by offering a “complete” service which includes document preparation, notary service and document courier service to and from the system. You just complete one of our simple worksheets and we do the rest. We are here to assist you in successfully navigating the system and we offer you a “complete” service. Our competitors just prepare the documents and leave you to do the rest. We do everything! Most documents are complete in 10 business days or less! Please call, e-mail or chat with us today so we can set an appointment for you to come in and get started.
We Prepare Over 50 Kinds of Documents. Here Are Our Top Selling Products:
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Preferred Document Services will prepare and file the required documents based upon information you provide in simple worksheets. Your role is simply to compile and provide us with some basic information, then leaving the rest of the work to us. Download one of the following worksheets to see how easy we make the process.
Divorce (all types) * Name Change Worksheets

* Note: For couples with children, Clark County Courts require couples to attend a 3½ hour COPE parenting class ($40.00 each) before a divorce will be granted. We can file your divorce in NYE County, which does not require the COPE class, and your divorce will usually be completed more quickly than in Clark County.

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We are open Tuesday - Friday, 10:00AM - 1:00PM and 2:30PM - 5:30PM. Closed Mondays.
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