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Americans Are Seeking Alternatives in Document Preparation
We offer consumers a simplified means to represent themselves (pro se litigation) in uncontested matters by preparing the necessary documents to court standards. Our high quality, accurate and affordable document preparation services typically save our clients 50-70% in document preparation costs.

   Chapter 7 Bankruptcy preparation only $299.00. 

Who We Are
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Document preparation services such as Preferred Document Services assists the increasing numbers of people who are looking for reasonably priced document preparation, and who choose to represent themselves in uncontested matters. The rapid growth in popularity of the self help movement represents a major change in how people can now gain access to our system. In California alone, more than 75% of divorces are now done Pro Se (on your own) without representation. Preferred Document Services prepares many common court documents, including divorce, civil suits, stepparent and grandparent adoption, termination of parental rights, name change, child custody, visitation and child support modification, probate. living trusts, LLC filings, incorporation, quit claims guardianships and much more.
How Our Service Works

Advantages / Disadvantages

Preferred Document Services Other Online Services With Representation
Affordable YES YES NO
Local Neighborhood Office YES NO YES
Deal with Owners, not Employees YES NO NO
Familiar with Local Court Procedures YES NO YES

Services Included in Price

Preferred Document Services Other Online Services With Representation
Notarize Documents YES NO YES
Make Required Copies YES NO YES
Courier Documents to and from Court YES NO YES

Conclusion: The clear choice is Preferred Document Services.
We are affordable. We handle everything for you. We are in your neighborhood.

Our process is quite simple: 1) You fill out the simple worksheets which we provide. 2) All documents are prepared in our office. 3) You sign the documents. 4) We notarize and file the documents on your behalf.
Our advantages are price, customer service and our knowledge of local procedures. Our advantage over other on-line providers is that we don’t simply take your money and leave you to sink or swim on your own. Some other services just prepare the documents, leaving you responsible to get the documents notarized, make the appropriate number of copies, get the documents to the court, pay the filing fee, and then pick the documents back up from the court when they are complete.

We provide:
• One to one personal interaction between you and our office.
• Years of experience with Las Vegas court requirements.
• In-house copying and notary services.
• Courier service to send your documents to and from court.
Direct customer support, 5 days a week.

We provide this convenient, personalized service at an extremely competitive and surprisingly affordable price. When it comes to document preparation in Las Vegas, Preferred Document Services is your clear and obvious choice.
Experience the Preferred Document Services Advantage!
Join the hundreds of thousands of people throughout the country who have decided to save hundreds or thousands of dollars by using document preparation services for their simple, uncontested matters.
Hours By Appointment Only – No Walk-Ins

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